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Healing from your Eating Disorder Starts Here

Nutrition Therapy with Eating Disorder Dietitian, Victoria Schonwald 


Meet The Founder

I'm Victoria, Eating Disorder Specialist Dietitian, Keen Gardener and Wildlife Photographer.

NZ registered Dietitian, BNut&Diet

Victoria Schonwald. Beetroot Crop

Start Your Recovery Journey Now

Pink Sugar

What To Expect


To be treated as the individual that you are


To work with your team. Family and Professionals.


To be challenged to fight the anxiety brain, to empower you to recovery. 


Extra support between sessions. 


Using a growth mindset approach using therapeutic models of care to change your relationship with food

Working with an Eating Disorder Dietitian

What I help you with

Nutritional Rehabilation

Managing Blood Tests

Translating Science into Tangible Concepts

Working through removing Eating Disorder Behaviours

Re-Learning How To Eat

Working through Food Rules

Unpacking Nutritional Misinformation

Help Parents with Family Based Treatment


Victoria Schonwald

New Zealand Registered Dietitian, Specialising in Eating Disorders

Get in Touch

The Eat Clinic 

027 226 1058

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