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Hi, I am Victoria 

Food is Love

I am a registered dietitian working in the area of eating disorders. 

I have a private practice, called The Eat Clinic based in Christchurch, New Zealand where I see people in my office in South New Brighton. If you are not in Christchurch, I can see you on a zoom call, no matter where you are in the world. 

Zoom calls have become the norm since Covid and provides access to care for people who may live in isolated communities, or do not have access to an eating disorder professional in the town you live in. 

I have extensive experience with working with Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa at all stages, focusing on nutritional rehabilitation and behaviour reduction. 


I am very passionate about early intervention and working with families and family supports to help with recovery with nutritional rehabilitation and relapse prevention. 

Binge Eating Disorder, is also a serious eating disorder that can be overcome. I work with clients to identify triggers to reduce binge eating episodes.

I also help people with ARFID. This is an eating disorder that is characterised as a fear of eating certain foods, that does not present with body image concerns. 

I see people with all types of eating disorders, or disordered eating, and I have learnt some great skills to assist you with mindset and behaviour change whilst providing nutritional education to help you have a peaceful relationship with food. 

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